We offer matched late-model sailing yachts for an intensive and rewarding experience. Our United States Coast Guard certified sailing captains will work with you for a successful and memorable program.


The beautiful protected waters of Biscayne Bay are renowned for featuring the best sailing grounds in all of Florida offering good winds and freedom from the sometimes choppy conditions of the adjacent Atlantic Ocean.


Both author and subject of many articles in the sailing press, lead instructor Captain Tony Wall’s philosophy is “open mode teaching”, creating a relaxed positive environment to enhance your sailing expertise.


“Tony Wall is the most capable and amiable person to work with when learning to sail or improving your sailing skills. We have enjoyed working with him for several years and look forward to many more.”

Elliot Fine Jan 2010
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

“Tony is a great Captain and instructor, capable of making everyone feel very comfortable on a boat and giving all a sense of control when taking the helm. Taking my license with Tony was extremely instructive since Tony contributed a wealth of information but also very enjoyable in the company of someone who knows how to make people feel at ease. I highly recommend Tony.”

Jean Touboul Jan 2010
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

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